Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Speech of President Navchenko, July 2011

Speech of President Marina Navchenko, July 2011

"My fellow citizens and patriots.

Our times are dark ones. Enemies of our freedom, of your democratic choice of government, are arming themselves and preparing for war against the citizens of Valiesk. The arch-traitor, General Moraviev, is building his own terrorist army bent on destroying all we have labored for in the last two years and return our fair country to the dark age of Vassiliev's reign.

We will not tolerate this. We will not let these bandits rob our country of its democratically-elected government.

Citizens, patriots, I, the President you have elected in the first free elections in Valiesk's modern history, call you to do your civil duty and enlist in the Army of the Republic of Valiesk to defend our homeland from traitors, terrorists and would-be tyrants. make no mistake. Moraviev's gang will not submit itself to the laws of our country or to the justice of our courts. Only in the battlefield we may stand a chance to defeat this threat to our liberty. And for that we need men and women willing to give their blood for the sake of our homeland.

And I ask Moraviev and his ilk: If you truly see yourselves as saviors of our nation, if you see yourselves as a legitimate opposition to my administration, why do not you try to win the support of your fellow citizens in open elections? Why do you fear the will of the people? The answer is simple. All of these gangsters are sworn enemies of the people's will, the will expressed in the democratic process. They want to steal our country from us and sell it to the highest bidder. We will not let them do so!

My fellow countrymen, to arms! To arms! Defend the homeland from these criminals!"

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