Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Loyalists have Arrived!

My three packs of QRF 15mm Soviet Motor Rifle Infantry have arrived today. They will serve me well as Loyalists. Their gear is quite dated, as the newer gear mostly fell into the hands of the well-funded, well-connected Rebels, so they are mainly armed with AK-74s, RPK-74s and RPG-7s.

I've also ordered three 15mm BTR-70s from QRF to mechanize this force; hopefully, they'll be here shortly.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reenforcements are on their Way!

I've recently ordered four more packs of Khurasan Miniatures Sepuldevan Resistance fighters to complete my Red Front platoon, as well as three BTR-70s from QRF to mechanize the Loyalist Guards Platoon.

Next in line on my to-buy list are a T-80 for the Loyalists, a T-55 and a GAZ-66 for the Red Front, and troops and HUMMERs for the Rebels, not to mention a helicopter for the Russian Spetznaz...