Monday, July 4, 2011

Facts at a Glance 2011

The Republic of Valiesk - Facts at a Glance (2011)

Capital (and largest city): Igorgrad
Official Languages: Valieskan
Ethnic Groups: 89.4% Valieskans, 5.2% Poles, 3.6% Russians, 1.3% Ukrainians, 0.5% Others
Demonym: Valieskan
Government: Presidential Republic
President: Marina Navchenko
Independence from Soviet Union: November 1990
Area: 37,000 Square Miles
Population (2010 census): 1,540,000
Population Density: 41.62 persons per square kilometer
GDP Per Capita: $4,600
Currency: Valieskan Ruble (VAR)
Time Zone: GMT+2
Internet TLD: .vi
Corruption Perception Index: 3.9 (68th least corrupt)
Number of Troops: 74,000

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