Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loyalist Work-in-Progress

The Loyalist Mechanized Rifle Platoon is slowly but surely taking shape. Now all troopers are based, and neatly form three rifle squads, each with four AK-74s, two RPK-74s, and an RPG-7, as well as a three-men command team with a kneeling platoon CO. All of these ride the BTR-70s, one for each squad; maybe I should buy a UAZ jeep for the command team? Or would they ride one or more of the BTR-70s?

Once I'll put my grubby hands on some decent white Gesso primer, I'll prime them, then paint away! The next step is, of course, buying and painting the Rebels and their expensive Western vehicles (HUMMERs and maybe an M3 Bradley).

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