Thursday, April 7, 2011

Factions in the Valieskan Civil War

Here is a short outline of the factions involved in the Civil War in Valiesk:

The Valieskan Government ("Loyalists")
A large portion of the Valieskan Army has rallied to Nachevsky's cause, and have sworn to defend the elected President and her administration to the death. While many of the better-equipped, better-trained forces have defected to Moraviev's National Salvation Forces, the bulk of the ordinary Army, as well as parts of the Navy and Airforce, remain loyal to the government.

As most elite forces have defected to Moraviev's side, the Loyalists have mostly ordinary conscripts and officers at its side, with only mediocre training and, for the most part, old Soviet-era equipment, from AK-74s and RPG-7s through BTR-80s to T-80s and Mil Mi-8s. The big exception to this is the Velieskan Spetznaz, equipped with the latest Chinese military technology recently purchased by Nachevsky. What the Loyalists lack in equipment and training, however, they make up in numbers, as many of the conscripts have voted for Nachevsky in the 2009 elections, and do not want to see their vote overruled by Moraviev's forces.

The National Salvation Forces ("Rebels")
General Moraviev's forces represent the interests of several very powerful people in Valiesk and abroad, and their funding reflects this. While outnumbered by the Loyalists, the Rebels - most of whom are former Presidential Guard and other elite forces - enjoy superior training and modern, Western-made equipment. Unlike Nachevsky's conscripts, Moraviev's forces are composed mostly of career soldiers and officers, usually former supporters of the Vassiliev regime who dislike the current populist regime and its policies and wish to return to a more stable, authoritarian rule.

As a side note, the Rebels also have far more 'moral flexibility' than the Loyalists, as they see their cause to be far more important than inconsequential things such as human rights and the rules of war; their well-funded public relations machine could smooth over and cover most messy affairs done by the Rebel troops.

Village Militias
Formed by Nachevsky's presidential decree and supplied with hand-me-down arms by the Loyalist army, these rural forces are tasked with protecting the results of Nachevsky's Land Reform from whoever opposes them, from landlord-employed Vory thugs to the Rebel army. While badly equipped and only semi-trained, these forces know the countryside like the backs of their hands, and are able to move through it with ease. They are also fighting to defend their homes, and spare no effort in doing so.

Vory v Zakone
The Valieskan criminal underworld is ruled by the organized crime gangs - the Vory v Zakone ("Thieves under a Code"). These thugs, in many cases unemployed former KGB agents and other persons with similar military or paramilitary training, take part in armed robberies, bandit activity, drug and gun trafficking and similar criminal jobs throughout Valiesk. While they lack military-grade equipment, they are fast, determined and callous, melting into the woodwork if they encounter a much mightier foe.

The Red Front
Formed by a merger of several communist, socialist and anarcho-syndicalist organizations in the underground during Vassiliev's reign, the Red Front is a determined left-wing guerrilla force who thinks that Nachevsky hasn't gone far enough in making Valiesk democratic and socialist. While they lack heavy firepower (except for a few 'liberated' T-55s and several 'Technicals', that is), they are very committed to their cause and quite willing to die for it. Their traditional arch-enemies are the White Legion, not to mention Moraviev's Rebels (whom they consider to be nothing but an incarnation of Vassiliev's forces), but they won't hesitate to fight the Vory or even Nachevsky's Loyalists if deemed necessary.

Black Freedom
In 2009, a group of anarchists split from the Red Front, complaining that the Red Front was too authoritarian for their tastes. These anarchists, highly spirited by badly organized, formed Black Freedom - a series of gangs determined to bring any authoritarian regime (Nachevsky's administration included) to its knees and throw it off the backs of the people. They are lightky armed, but well-used to violence and with high morale.

The White Legion
Originally called the "Motherland Army", this neo-fascist gang has a tradition of terrorizing minorities, homosexuals, leftists and trade-unionists and getting into particularly messy street-brawls with the Red Front. While their weapons are mostly civilian in scope, they are well-experienced in street brawling and willing to do anything to crush their enemies and get into power.

Russian Spetznaz
Russia is more than prepared to defend its interests all around the globe, Valiesk included. While an all-out military intervention is rules out for the time being, teams of Spetznaz special-forces operatives could be sent by helicopter to defends the interests of Mother Russia in Valiesk. They are heavily armed and among the best soldiers in the world, so their relatively small numbers should be more than capable of defeating much larger hostile formations.

German KSK
Germany follows the events in Valiesk with great interests, as it is heavily invested in Baltic commerce and diplomacy. While, again, a full-scale military intervention in Valiesk is highly unlikely to be favored by German public opinion, should the interests of Germany be threatened by any faction in Valiesk, the German counter-terrorist forces - KSK - will be deployed to swiftly and decisively deal with the threat.

U.S. Special Forces
For the most part, Valiesk is not a priority target for U.S. military action. In th case U.S. interests in the region - such as the U.S. embassy at Igorgrad - will be threatened, however, the U.S. will be able to deploy teams of its Special Forces to defend these interests.

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